Lived moments: an unforgettable sandwich

I am heterosexual and I prefer sex with only one person. However, I have been fortunate to have experiences in group sex. There are quite a few, but I don’t want to look arrogant by mentioning a number. On this occasion I want to remind one of the most curious and I do not know if the unique that I will have with those characteristics.

I met a girl in a chat in the same city where I was living then. The chat became very hot, so what remained for us was to meet and put out that fire. That started in the afternoon and lasted until the early hours of the night. She invited me to a tavern where she used to go. I was a little dubious because of the fears that this type of online meeting, but the fever was such that I decided to take a risk. Total it was a public place and at the first suspicion of something I would leave. Additionally, I told two trusted friends where and characteristics of whom I would meet in case they never saw me again.

I arrived at the place, I did not like it very much at the entrance, but I had confirmed my arrival by smartphone message so I could not back out at that time. Also, I am one of the people that when I decide to do something firmly I do it. So she approached me when I entered. She told the doorman that I would meet her and everything went on. The truth is that was a gay bar, particularly a special place for our female friends. I don’t handle the terrain well, but … I just think: well I’m here.

He took me to a table where his friend was. Well, her partner. A very beautiful woman, but she was the alpha girl. From the outset she clarified it for me very seriously. “You’re here because I’m going to please her, but don’t even dream that you’re going to fuck me.” It was another moment when I almost abandoned everything and left. I sighed quietly and stayed. We joked, we drank and that relaxed us. We even dance. We talked about everything until the atmosphere got hot and it was time to go.

We took a taxi and went to the couple’s apartment. We were drunk, really, really hot, so the girl who invited me washed my genitals first. She took the opportunity to give me a small suck. Then they washed very sensually while I saw them highly excited from the bathroom door of the room. It was just a few minutes and we were all three in bed.

Before continuing, I want to mention something. It is not easy to approach a session with two women. I was very fit by then. You need to be fit to get ahead with that task. I think it also helped me that I didn’t fuck the Alpha girl. She only let me touched her while in the middle of the ecstasy during the delicious sandwich, because, she confess me later, she is more excited to be stroked on the skin. That gave me the opportunity in the middle of everything to touch, to caress those precious breasts that she had. Just that.

However I cannot complain. The girl who invite me there was really very hot. I had the opportunity to penetrate (Forgive me this masculine expression) her very well naturally and herself lubricated vulvita (little vulva). She also offered me her back hole. WOAO! It was one of the richest sandwiches I have ever enjoyed. I repeat I do not know if I will experience something more or less similar. We enjoy other things, but it would be very long to detail everything. I remember it and I still have an erection.

When the morning came, the alpha couple thanked me for the evening, but she asked me to leave and that I won´t think that would happen again. That’s how it went. There was no more contact and later I moved to another city. One of those unforgettable moments that fortunately adorned my existence.


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